Case Study: Split The Bills

The Client

Split The Bills are a Sheffield based company who take the hassle out of shared student bills. They set up and manage energy, water, broadband, and TV licences for students and, funnily enough, split their bills equally each month.

Ellen is excellent. Quick to understand what we need. Fast at researching the subject. Speedy at producing the content. A really helpful person with a smart brain and lots of energy. A real asset. Thanks Ellen!!
— Matt Blyden, Head of Business Growth

The Brief

Split The Bills were looking for a copywriting partner who could work with their marketing team on an ongoing basis.

Their initial challenge was to create content for their customer acquisition workflow (from quote to sign up). This workflow needed to include content that would address the questions and concerns that potential customers might have.

My Approach

Getting to know the brand.

I started off by spending some time getting to know the Split The Bills brand. Before I put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), I wanted to understand the tone of voice and writing style that the team had worked to create and maintain.

Planning the content.

The marketing team had already looked at their analytics for their customer acquisition process and established where and why customers were dropping off. Matt, Charlotte and I locked ourselves in a room and thrashed out some content ideas that would help to inform, educate, and entertain their customers and ultimately get them to complete their sign up. We came away from the planning workshop with a content plan consisting of emails, blog posts, landing pages, and videos.

A bit of project management.

With marketing emails, blog posts, landing pages and even video scripts to create as part of a six month distribution plan, I turned to my faithful friend Trello to help keep track of all the content. The Trello board also meant that Matt, Charlotte and I could work together on this content even when I was at home playing with my kitten (and no, that's no a euphemism).

Let's get writing.

It was finally time to start writing. Working from briefs that we had created together in the planning workshop, I started to craft the first drafts. We soon fell into a rhythm of working together from first-draft stage to tweak the content until it was spot on.

The Words

You can check out some of my favourite copy here. But, as for this case study, I'll leave you with a piece of content that I absolutely adored writing. Yep, it's modelled on that super smart, I wish I'd written that Lidl ad. It hasn't been all tarted up by a graphic designer yet, but the words are all there

Ellen Holcombe