Project: Business Analysis Hub | Web Copy | Freelance Copywriter Sheffield

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The client:

Business Analysis Hub is a business analysis consultancy based in Sheffield.

The project:

When she launched her business, Rohela—the owner and principal Business Analyst—needed a brand as well as web copy to go with her already-built site.

Rohela was looking for a brand, web copy and graphic assets for her site that helped to 1. explain the complex and varied role a BA can have in a business and 2. break away from the traditional BA stereotype.

The testimonial:

Ellen was brilliant to work with.

"She listened to everything to I told her about my company and the tone that I wanted to use in my content and made sure that it was reflected in the final product. She made sure she communicated regularly to keep me in the loop to what was going on. I have really enjoyed working with Ellen and hope to work with again, in the future."

Rohela Raouf
Owner of Business Analysis Hub


A sneak peek:

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