Project: Hive IT | Web Copy, Tone of Voice & Case Studies | Freelance Copywriter Sheffield

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The client:

Hive IT is a digital agency based in Sheffield.

The project:

After creating a new visual identity in-house and working hard on honing their values and goals as a business, Hive IT needed to turn all their notes into something usable.

I started off by meeting with different departments and chatting through the values, goals, and the business as a whole. From this I was able to create an internal tone of voice and copy guide to help each team communicate the who, what and why of Hive IT consistently.

I then got to work on the web copy, taking what I’d learned from the interviews and using the guide I’d created. As well as the web copy, I wrote up a few case studies, creating a template for Hive to use for future projects.

The testimonial:

Ellen's work has been invaluable.

"Thanks for all your help on this. You've really helped put across our company in the way we wanted and your tone of voice document has been invaluable for not just the website, but our proposals too!"

Liz Hnat
Project Manager at
Hive IT

A sneak peek:

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