Project: Olivia Thornton VA | Web Copy | Freelance Copywriter Sheffield

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The client:

Olivia Thornton is a Virtual Assistant based in South Yorkshire.

The project:

After taking the plunge into freelance life, Olivia was looking for web copy to make her website turn on-lookers into paying clients.

Olivia offers many different services, making it quite a job boiling what she does into just a few pages. She also wanted copy that showcased her experience and professionalism, without dampening her friendly and approachable personality.

The testimonial:

Ellen listened to me throughout and got my tone of voice spot on!

"I was taking the jump to start my own business with a totally blank canvas for my website. Ellen helped me right from the beginning; she advised what was relevant and what was unnecessary. She listened to me throughout and got my tone of voice spot on; my website sounds like me! This copy hasn't just sat on my website, it's become my foundation when I'm writing anything for my business."

Olivia Thornton
Owner of
Olivia Thornton Virtual Assistant

A sneak peek:

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