What is SEO copywriting?

I'm going to get straight to the point here. We're all busy people and you probably clicked on this link to find out what SEO copywriting is, not to read my ramblings for the next half an hour.


SEO copywriting = good copywriting.

Thanks to our good friends at Google, SEO copywriting has become less about aimlessly scattering keywords throughout content and more about producing interesting content that your customers actually want to read. SEO copywriting is just writing good copy.

Alright, but what do I mean by good?

Good copy fits its purpose.

If its purpose is to inform, it informs. If its purpose is to entertain, it entertains. If its purpose is to explain and you get to the end as confused as you were when you started, it's not good copy.

Good copy gets its point across as efficiently as possible.

Nobody wants to read your thousand-word essay about the benefits of your product when it could have been summarised in 5 bullet points. That's not to say, however, that it won't take a thousand words to effectively communicate all thirteen steps in your Get Started guide.

Good copy makes you want to keep reading.

I'm sick of hearing that nobody reads anything anymore. It's just not true. If your copy fits its purpose and gets its point across as effectively as possible; if your copy is interesting enough and isn't just recycling the same old shit that's already out there, your audience will want to keep reading.

Where do keywords fit in?

If your copy is good enough, you'll find that your keywords work their way in naturally. Keywords should be a by-product of good copywriting; they shouldn't define your copy.

If you read back through your writing (I don't know why I'm saying if...) and your keywords are nowhere in sight, your copy probs isn't the best it can be. Go back through and make sure it ticks the three boxes:

  • It fits its purpose
  • It gets its point across effectively
  • It makes you want to keep reading

So, there you have it.

SEO copyrighting is just writing good copy.

Keywords are still important but should be a by-product of good copywriting.

Write for your audience and it'll be reyt.

Ellen Holcombe