Henleys Confectionery

Web copy, product copy & tone of voice

Henleys Confectionery is an online sweet shop specialising in liquorice and sugar-free sweets along with all the classics. They needed web and product copy that reflects their high quality, skilfully sourced confectionery.

With new copy, a website by Denken Studio and branding by Maltby Design Co., Henleys saw a

600% uplift in online sales.

Henleys: Connoisseurs of Confectionery. Hand-selected confectionery delivered right to your doorstep.
Hand-selected just for you. We've created the ultimate confetionery experience just for you. We all have our favourites... from the childhood nostalgia of sherbert pips and pear drops to the indulgence of a stick of scrumptious liquorice. Our collection of free-from, liquorice and classic confectionery includes something for everyone. Read the Henleys story.
Our Story. We’ve created the ultimate confectionery experience just for you. Here at Henleys, we believe no one should miss out on high quality, truly tasty confectionery.  Tired of tasteless, high-in-sugar, low-in-satisfaction sweets, we set out to source the very best confectionery for our customers. After tireless searching (and plenty of taste tests), we found the perfect partners and started to build our collections of top-quality treats.  Our confectionery now travels all over the country—from our shelves to the the doorsteps of our delighted customers as well as some of the biggest food and drink festivals in the UK.  We’ll never stop our search for quality and taste. We’re always adding new confectionery to our collections, made from the very best ingredients by ethical and expert confectioners and suppliers. And we’ll never stop delivering the excellent customer service we’re now renowned for. Start your Henleys story today.